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Textile System Inc. is committed to excellence in all products and services which we offer. We accomplish our mission through technological leadership, product research and development, responsible marketing, and commercial strategies that are beneficial to our customers.

We believe in delivering timely and comprehensive service to our customers; providing innovation in all aspects of technology and design; supplying production equipment that is reliable, safe, and energy-efficient; and maintaining a position of leadership that has set the industry standard for quality, service, and support for over 5 decades.

This website has been designed to give you a basic overview of the products and services we offer. After you have previewed our products in the categories listed, contact us to discuss your specific equipment requirements.

A Textile System Inc. Finishing Oven equipped with the THERM-O-FLO air distribution system (Patents Pending) is the most productive oven for applying a backing to the carpet that is available.

These units are sized and designed for production speeds from 40 linear feet per minute up to 160 linear feet per minute.

The energy utilization for the THERM-O-FLO Ovens is superior to all known competitive models, resulting in substantial cost savings to the user and reduced environmental impact.

The engineering and construction of the THERM-O-FLO series of ovens make the equipment easy to service and maintain, and enables this equipment to be highly productive at minimum cost.

If your plan calls for a finishing oven, contact us so that we can assist you in selecting the proper equipment for your plant.

We believe that we have the most robust vertical tenter system in the industry. We supply our systems using the Kenyon ductile cast iron chain and rail system. Starting at the entry turnarounds we utilize the Erhardt + Leimer KRS60 for precise and responsive positioning. We include a lubrication system of either six or twelve points depending on the length of the tenter and loading required for the substrate. Cross screws are standard 2” ACME 4 threads per inch. Cross spindle load measurement is optional. As our standard we provide individual gearmotor positioning with graphic indication displayed on the HMI. The main tenter drive assembly is available with either individual drive sprocket control for skew sensitive webs or more commonly single drive with common shaft common in floorcovering. Sectional sprocket modules are standard supply.

We have experienced about everything imaginable with vertical tenter and horizontal stenter replacements up to and including eight passes and frames in excess of 250 in length. If you have opportunities to improve your tenter we likely have a good solution for you to consider in your operations.

Textile System Inc. applicators are precision instruments, each designed for very specific polymer applications and a wide range of viscosities. Our experience and product line are generally based on common principles: However we have integrated our experience to create a couple of revolutionary applicators. The more notable being the patented dual applicator design US Patent # 9,475,081 for applying two completely different chemistries with added benefits not before obtainable. Also notable is our US Patent #11,400,479 B1. This is our newly developed adhesive quick-change system to eliminate changeover waste and to allow efficient on-the-fly adhesive changes.

Our applicator designs or as follow:

  • Roll Over Roll direct spread
  • Knife over Roll
  • Knife over bedplate
  • Kiss Roller
  • Gravure (transfer) type

We currently have patents pending on technology to complement the above. Once approved by the United States Patent office our website will be updated with those enhancements at the appropriate time.

The patented Textile Systems Mark II foam generator, US Patent # 10,596,531 is an opportunity for anyone in the industry that has a foamer or froth machine. Years of watching our customers frustrations motivated us to produce the finest foam machine available to the industry.  This foamer, or what is often referred to as a froth machine, is equipped with all the features requested by our customers and is designed in every respect to expedite production of the desired foam compound in a very reliable and robust system. If a high volume of foam production is needed, or if requirements call for a more refined foam, a coaxial dual rotor blending head model is available as well as a tri-rotor. The Mark II blending head assembly can be easily placed on most existing tables and utilize existing controls.

On our complete systems, foam output is easily controlled automatically when use of a mass flow meter is utilized in conjunction with an airflow meter and puddle measurement device.

All necessary airflow controls are furnished for proportioning correct amounts of air with the foam compound for the desired blow-ratio.

The patented blending head provides an excellent mixing action to the compound, air, and gelling agent. As the chemical or adhesive flows into the mixing head it is subjected to an outward centrifugal force through a series of pins machined into the rotor and the stator. Once the liquid flow reaches the outer limit of the rotor the flow is redirected to counterflow against the centrifugal forces resulting in uniform froth or foam ready for application on the substrate.

A seal tank can be provided to hold the seal lubricant solution, typically water for water based polymers to cool and lubricate the seal. This available option simply uses only water at plant pressures when supported by an air booster (included) to maintain a higher pressure than the backpressure created by the process.

We provide turn-key systems and stock replacement parts. The quality and performance of our Natural gas Infrared (IR) pre-dryers and burner systems are second to none. Call us today to discuss your application and process needs.

Cost Saving Features

  • Competitively priced
  • Fuel efficient
  • High Turndown ratio
  • Simple to install in new systems
  • Easy to retrofit on existing systems
  • Does not require costly burner rotating equipment
  • Cooling air plenum and auxiliary equipment not required

Please refer to United States Patent # 8,210,113 for more details about the ergonomic sewing rail

Sewing Rail Patent

TSI is a leading supplier of gas burner and control systems for all types of ovens and dryers used in the carpet and textile industries.

Service and upgrading of burner systems to give improved efficiency and more precise temperature control of ovens and dryers is available, as well as a complete line of components and spare parts.

Most burner components and spare parts can be supplied from inventory. We carry a full line of the following items:

  • Maxon Burners
  • Honeywell Flame Safeguard Systems
  • Gas Control Valves
  • Gas Safety Systems
  • Pre-assembled Gas Safety Trains
  • Pre-wired Burner Control Panels
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Flame Detection Equipment and Components

TSI has provided the PLEVA line of products well-known around the world for over a decade. For precise measurement of temperature, humidity, and residual moisture during the production of carpets and textiles we have not found a better product. Monitoring is a critical factor in today’s lean manufacturing processes.

With the rising costs of resources and a keener focus on conservation of energy, it is of paramount importance for producers to gain a more clear understanding of temperature and humidity conditions in their particular process environments. It is our position that the addition of the PLEVA technology to either TSI or competitive systems will reduce the cost of the product being produced and improve product quality.

PLEVA sensor and control technology will enable manufacturers to build accurate, real-time profiles of conditions in their ovens and dryers which will help to pinpoint the most critical areas where improved control is needed. This technology has been proven, in actual production, to provide real energy savings and increased productivity.

Please contact either TSI or PLEVA to discuss your process and applications.

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We offer custom designed certified and engineered stamped mezzanine steel structures for a wide variety of applications. Typically, these structures are for overhead support of machinery such as finishing lines and tank farms. These systems are primarily designed as bolt together kits shipped to the jobsite. These projects are offered in either galvanized finish or primed for painting on site.
All steel and fasteners are sourced from United States manufacturers.

TSI offers complete maintenance, repair, and installation supervision services for existing competitive equipment.

Technical Service personnel, along with components and equipment are available for service and installation functions from original concept, through design, installation and start-up.

We provide services for equipment installation and relocation for the carpet and textile industry both domestic and abroad.