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TSI Inc.

Founded in 1967, TSI is one of the world's leading engineering companies, focused on the development of drying and coating machinery technology for the carpet, rug and textile industries.

TSI recognized economical and environmental benefits of highly efficient production systems that substantially reduce natural gas, water and electrical consumption in the textile industries. We have produced over 300 drying and backing systems for applying PVC, polyurethanes, & latex compounds for synthetic turf, modular carpet tiles, scatter rugs, mats, textiles and other applications.  In addition, we have dismantled, remanufactured & and reinstalled more than 30 complete tufting plants, dye houses and backing plants in North America, Europe & Asia.

TSI delivers innovative turn-key packages to manufacturers around the world.
  • Precision applicators
  • Tenters
  • Batch Systems
  • Automated range drive & combustion control systems
  • Primary support machinery
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TSI is pleased to present the Pleva line of products well known around the world for precise measurement and control of temperature, humidity and residual moisture during the production of carpets and textiles that has become a very critical factor in today’s lean manufacturing processes.

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Infra-Red Burner Systems
Innovative sintered metal alloy or metal foam tiles are utilized in our systems dependant on application. Our systems produce low to Ultra-Low NOx and CO levels in a variety of carpet and textile applications.

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