TSI is pleased to present the Pleva line of products well known around the world for precise measurement and control of temperature, humidity and residual moisture during the production of carpets and textiles that has become a very critical factor in today’s lean manufacturing processes. With the rising costs of resources and a keener focus on conservation of energy, it is of paramount importance for producers to gain a more clear understanding of temperature and humidity conditions in their particular process environments. It is our position that the addition of the Pleva technology to either TSI or competitive systems will reduce the cost of the product being produced and improve product quality.

Pleva sensor and control technology will enable manufacturers to build accurate, real-time profiles of conditions in their ovens and dryers which will help to pinpoint the most critical areas where improved control is needed. This technology has been proven, in actual production, to provide real energy savings and increased productivity.

Please contact either TSI or Pleva to discuss your process and applications.

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